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Compatible with a wide range of detection devices
Comes with LED keypad
Controlling 6 zones via microcomputer, programming via keypad.
Automatic dialing mobile phone in accidence to alarm (without recording function).
Automatic dialing pager to alarm upon emergency.
Access Police Reporting centre upon emergency.
Arming/disarming by entering password on keypad.
Simple programming: Caller No., receiving call No., address code, Password, delay alarm time, arming/disarming way can be set at user's option.
Built-in lightning proof circuits
Use 16AWG green jacketed solid-conductor wire to connect ground wire from box-doorhinge to earth Ground
All outputs are power limited
If programmed for EOL or supervised loop, the 2.2K ohm EOL resistor must be at the end of circuit
Incorrect wiring connections may lead to circuit damage
The initialize installer passwords: 012345
The initialize master passwords: 1234
Arming type: goof-proof
Emergency soft zone: chirp buzzing warning
Fire soft zone: Pulsed Intermittent warning
Police soft zone: steady warning
- Entry time: 60 seconds and prewarn
- Exit time: 30 seconds and prewarn
- Bell time: 5 minutes
Power supply: 12V DC, 6.5Ah sealed lead-acid battery
Current: 350mA maximum, 250mA with keypad