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Description/ Specification of LPG Gas detector
LPG Gas Detector, which are available with following specifications:- 
* Power supply : 90-240v ac or 110v/220v ac
* Sensitivity : 10% lel
* Test button for easily self-test
* Horn level : 85 db at 10 feet
* Standby mode : green led on
* Faulty indicator : yellow led on
* Alarm mode : red led flashes and an acoustic alarm
* Type of gas sensed:
+ Lpg(butane,propane used in normal and mini gas bottles)
+ Gas from piping system(city gas) and natural gas(methane)
* Can be connected with valve(220v ac or 12v dc output are both available)

--Hot Wire Type Sensor
--Easy Installation And Maintenance
--Modernized Design
--Detect All Sorts Of Combustible Gases
--Lpg And Lng Include City Gas 
--Ideal For All Kitchens 
--Excellent Reliability & High Stability 
--Self-Test Function
--Green Indicator For Power
--Red Light For Alarm Indication
--Failure Indication Light For Sensor 
--Durable Sensor Head
--Less Affected By Other Organic Solvent
--High Accuracy
--Loud Sound Signal Of 85 Db At Alarm Mod