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MS190 Industrial Motor Siren is mainly used in Various industrial environments,such as factory buildings,workshops,warehouses,mining industry,etc
The character of siren list as follow:
1.Power arbitrary choices: (cell or
battery) DC12V,24V ,AC110 V, 220V
2. High frequency;1150Hz alarm sound very easy to distinguish between noise and the environment, clear, piercing and sharp.
3. Extensive application areas: automobiles, trains, ships, airports, ports, Crossing platform, silver floor, schools, hospitals, residential areas, shopping centers, warehouses, hotels, military units, factory construction, mining, sluice, and other places.
4. Strong compatibility; With smoke detectors, gas gas sensors, infrared sensors, liquid level sensors, timer, anti-theft alarm system, such as the various-connected sensors can also be used alone, which is different from other alarm signals in the high-frequency sound alarm sound source.
5.  installation forms: horizontal,fixed
6.Design: fashion, unique, innovative, artistic, and easy to integrate into the use of  different sites