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School Bell Timer

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Code: Brt403
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BRT-403 and BRT-403B are the most advanced timer switches. They are controlled by a micro controller unit and have very accurate timing capability. They are designed for easy installation and retrofit, directly fit into standard wall box with no need for the neutral.

BRT-403 has accurate timing setting to a second, while BRT-403B has accurate timing setting to a minute.


  • Up to 20 timing periods available within each day, and memory function and password protection for the settings; ?
  • LCD display showing current time, timing period #, next On time and current day; ?
  • Manual control or automatic control available. User friendly front panel key pads for easy manual operation or automatic timing settings; ?
  • Load up to 2000W; ?
  • ABS-V0 flame resistance material; and ?
  • Classical 86 series design and high quality build.