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SmartLine020 conventional

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2 / 4-20 Zones
The SmartLine020 conventional fire-detection
control panel series offers a 2 zone nonexpandable
model and a 4 zone expandable
model expandable to 20 zones by means of
SmarLine/8Z 8-zone expansion boards.
The extreme compactness and ease of
programming and operation makes this
control panel ideal for small applications,
where fast installation and programming are
among the most important aspects of the
SmartLine020 provides housing for a
SmartLetLoose/ONE fire extinction board.
This board is EN12094-1 approved, and
offers a complete range of functions for fire
extinguishing system management.
The SmartLine020 control panel has 2
supervised outputs for alarm and fault
signaling (the efficiency of these outputs is
monitored continuously).
The control panel provides 1 terminal per
zone configurable as: open-collector output,
supervised output, supervised input, gas
detector input with 4-20mA interface, gas
detector input with open-collector output
interface. This flexibility notably increases
the application panorama of the
System information is provided through the
graphic display and LEDs on the control
panel. The SmartLine020 manages an RS485
BUS which supports 4 remote - control
Repeater panels (Model:
Repeater panels replicate all the fire alarm
system data and allow users to access and
control the system in accordance with their
authorized access level. Programming the
system from the control panel is
straightforward and trouble-free thanks to the
easy-to-follow instructions on the display,
The system can also be programmed using
SmartLeague software application (free
downloadable from web site).
• EN54 Approved
• EN12094-1 Approved (Fire extinction)
• SmartLine 020-2 : 2 Zones not expandable
• SmartLine 020-4 : 4 Zones expandable to 20
• Manages SmartLetLoose/ONE Fire
Extinction board (EN12094-1 Approved)
• Supports 4 remote-control Repeater panels
• 1 supervised alarm output (NAC)
• 1 output for communicator/dialler activation
• 1 dry-contact alarm output
• 1 dry-contact fault output
• 1 power supply output
• 1 resettable power supply output
• 1 terminal per zone configurable as: opencollector
output, supervised output,
supervised input, gas detector input with 4-
20mA interface, gas detector input with opencollector
output interface.
• Battery shutdown relay for deep discharge
• Backlit graphic display for easy
management of Installer/User interface
• Navigation keys for easy access to menu
• Fast keys (Silence, Reset, Evacuate,
• Beeper (provides audible signals)
• RS232 connector for uploading /
downloading data